Our Core Capabilities

Dussur was born from the very same values that guide our country’s Vision 2030. The mission of Dussur is to invest in and grow viable and sustainable businesses that directly enable the development of strategic industrial sectors and their value chains in the Kingdom. These investments will bring further diversification to our economy and create numerous jobs for our people.

Since its inception, Dussur has been working closely with key stakeholders to achieve its objectives, and is emerging as one of the key catalysts for localization within the Vision 2030 framework.

Additionally, Dussur will enable and support the private sector. We will not compete in areas where the private sector could invest alone. Instead, we will focus on areas that the private sector is not necessarily attracted to, because of high cap/ex, long-term horizons or a high level of complexity. But in making these investments, we will unlock other opportunities for the private sector.

Our core objective is sustainable value creation.

By making sustainable value creation the first priority for all our employees and all company decisions, we understand where, how and why to grow. In doing so, we are dedicated to asserting long-term orientation in business decision-making and investing, resulting in better business outcomes and a greater business contribution to the public good.

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