"Our determination is to become a global investment powerhouse. Our nation holds strong investment capabilities, which we will harness to stimulate our economy and diversify our revenues", His Royal Highness Mohammad bin Salman Al-Saud, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, Chairman of the Public Investment Fund.

Vision 2030 states that, “Diversifying Saudi Arabia’s economy is vital for its sustainability. Although oil and gas are essential pillars of our economy, we have begun expanding our investments into additional sectors. This requires us to invest in all our resources in order to diversify the economy, unleash the capabilities of our promising economic sectors and privatize some government services.”

It continues, “We will support promising sectors and foster their success so that they become new pillars of our economy. In the manufacturing sector, we will work towards localizing renewable energy and industrial equipment sectors. In technology, we will increase our investments in, and lead, the digital economy. At the same time as diversifying our economy, we will continue to localize the oil and gas sector. We will also make use of our global leadership and expertise in oil and petrochemicals to invest in the development of adjacent and supporting sectors.”

Dussur is emerging as one of the key catalysts for economic and industrial development, diversification and localization within the 2030 framework. Our objectives and mission are completely aligned with Vision 2030, particularly when it comes to localizing new manufacturing value chains, attracting foreign direct investment, and creating quality jobs for Saudi Nationals.

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