Dussur’s Industrial Sector Focus

Industrial investments – including those made in and around manufacturing – have a significant potential for local value creation.

Dussur will be pursuing opportunities in its prioritized sub-sectors, namely Gas Turbines and related horizontal opportunities but just as importantly will be looking at opportunities in Downstream Chemicals, Maritime, IWWT and Conventional (which includes gas turbine assembly and power services). Dussur will also be looking to engage stakeholders in the Automotive and Solar sub-sectors.

By exercising agility and long-term orientation in business decision-making and investing, we demonstrate leadership in unlocking and developing the potential of industrial value chains and business ecosystems. We are actively involved in investments through a broad range of deal types and are keen to explore and pursue win-win partnerships. Dussur’s holistic approach ensures the entire company runs at full potential, whilst establishing the business as a catalyst of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia socioeconomic impact.

Dussur is interested in working with international and local partners with an interest in forming large industrial companies inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These investments should be both strategic and transformative in their nature.

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